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You have reached the merchandise website of Live for Speed where you can buy all sorts of goodies if you are a fan :) If you do not yet know what Live for Speed is : it is a serious (online) PC racing simulator. You can get more information and a free demo at .

Our line-up consists of a selection of shirts, browsable in our catalogue. There are simple tees up to elegant polo's, in varying price categories. More items will be added as time passes; we've just opened and want to get a feel for what you like before expanding our catalogue.

This shop is run by Yordise at the request of Live for Speed. Yordise in turn is run by a Live for Speed developer, so this shop is 100% LFS :) It is our goal to deliver high quality goods and services. The products you buy are of brands you probably have heard of (mentioned in the catalogue) and are not of the kind that you can throw away after some washing or stretch terribly. Also the prints are of high quality screen prints (where applicable) that do not come off easily.

If you want to learn more about this shop and its policies, you can find all the information at the bottom of every page. There is also a support page where we hope to answer your questions. For the rest we want to wish you a good time shopping with us!
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